Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If You Have Sex, You'll Get Chlamydia and Die...

Well...they're a couple of goners...

This post will probably be controversial to some people. I don't care. Some things just need to be said.

I believe that people are entitled to do whatever they want to sexually, unless someone is being harmed. 

If someone wants to have sex with one person or 10 people, that is their choice.

If someone wants to wait until marriage, be abstinent or celibate, that is their choice.

No one should feel like they are being forced to adhere to a sexual standard in order to fit in. A person should be able to feel comfortable enough to make their own sexual decisions without someone on the sidelines calling them "lame" or looks of disapproval from other people. I have been taking a Sexuality and Society class since June and it has opened my eyes to how much society tries to control a person's sexuality. Contrary to popular belief, sex is still a taboo in this country.

Virgins are placed on pedestals or ridiculed depending on their environment.

Women are trained from birth to gate keep and fear sex.

Men are taught to act like predators.

Everyone is taught not touch something that is attached to their own body.

The media, enough said.

The government continues to fund abstinence only education despite the fact that statistics have shown that it doesn't work.

Where does it end? Instead of teaching people to obsess over or fear sex, people should be taught to be responsible. The sex itself isn't the issue, the misinformation and mixed messages surrounding it causes problems. Parent need to stop telling their kids "don't do it" without giving them reasons and talk to them about sex. People need to stop being made to feel like perverts for masturbating. Every student in this nation needs to receive comprehensive sexual education instead abstinence-only education. Many people need to realize everyone doesn't want to or is going to be abstinent.

If these changes and many more were made, teen pregnancy, STI and a lot of heartbreak could be avoided.

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  1. Indeed sex is still treated like the boogey man in this country but when is it appropriate to begin to teach children and even adults about responsible sexual behavior? Who teaches it? It's a stagnant issue in the country due to three things in my opinion, religion, government and money.

  2. Albizzle Fa ShizzleJuly 21, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    No one saw Mean Girls? "Don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die!!" *chuckles* good times...

    I agree with you. We focus way too much on what other folks are doing in the bedroom. Lots of times it because those folks ain't doing nothin' in the bedroom or ain't got nobody to do somethin' with. Someone found half nude and questionable pics on my cousin's phone, and I told them "She's an adult and there's nothing wrong with that. Just don't take pics if you call yourself studying law."